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 EFT Certification

View image in full Gary Craig`s Statement of the future certification of EFT (From www.emofree.com)
For your convenience, I transferred the former EFT case histories, EFT Practitioner Listings and other valuable resources to .


I wish to honor the substantial legal and financial effort of Dawson Church and EFTuniverse.com to preserve this valuable information for the EFT Community. The EFT Research available on that site is also to be commended. You will also find an EFT social network, training/certification programs, our original EFT DVD rentals and more. However, please know that I gave EFT to the world and chose not to endorse anyone's website or EFT efforts (including EFTuniverse.com). It is up to the public to choose whose EFT services they wish to follow.

My thoughts regarding training and certification: In what follows, I give my response to the many questions I have received regarding EFT training, certification and related topics. Below are my current thoughts and opinions. Please understand that none of them represent endorsements and all of them can change over time.

First, one of the training errors I made while running EFT was to encourage people to innovate with it. Accordingly, people blended EFT with other methods and developed their own approaches. This had the advantage of providing a valuable freedom of expression but it also resulted in a b'zillion different versions of EFT (some quite creative and some completely devoid of important basics such as aspects, being specific and properly testing your work). This caused a training nightmare and has developed into a great disservice to EFT newcomers. This is especially so because I have yet to see any of those different versions, even the creative ones, consistently outperform the original EFT (as prolifically displayed on our 140 hours of training DVDs).

Accordingly, the common sense approach would be to thoroughly learn the original EFT and branch out from there to explore the different versions (if, indeed, you feel branching out is necessary). Any such training should be based on our DVDs as they ARE the original EFT. They are no longer for sale but can be rented. For rental possibilities, just put the term rent EFT DVD into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

Notwithstanding my obvious bias here, I think the closest thing you will find to learning EFT from the source is the training and certification offered by my daughter, Tina Craig, through the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). While there are many people with top EFT skills, no one has worked with me as closely as Tina and thus no one has her unique EFT insights and meticulous attention to detail. She designed the EFT Certification program for emofree.com and enhanced the DVD training with study guides and tutorials that brought new clarity to the original EFT principles.

Tina's training is hands on and very thorough with a primary focus on developing high quality, professional practitioners. It is priced accordingly, and I think her program will appeal primarily to the dedicated students who are driven to elevate EFT mastery toward the Penthouse of our Healing High Rise. Those wanting to use EFT in a less challenging manner may be adequately served elsewhere.

So, where else might one go for EFT training? You can investigate the ambitious but new (still working out the details) program offered at www.EFTuniverse.com. Another possibility is to enter the terms EFT Certification or EFT Training into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. This will give you many options. Explore them if you wish. Most of them I've never heard of and all of them are second hand versions of EFT. This is not a criticism, by the way, as any training that I don't do directly is a second hand interpretation of the original. No one can teach it exactly as I do just as I could not teach some concept of yours exactly as you do. One note of caution when seeking out an EFT training source: Some people may use terms to describe their trainings such as, 'The way Gary would have wanted it taught' or 'According to Gary's rules' or 'Gary Craig approved workshops', etc. Phrases like these should not be used because they are inaccurate and misleading. Along these lines, some people mistakenly assume that their use of my previous workshop guidelines entitles them to say this. However, those guidelines were just that guidelines. They were not my rules or anything like that. They were simply a list of proposed topics for workshops. They failed in practice and that's why I discontinued them years ago.

Other thoughts:

1. I suggest EFT newcomers take one level of training at a time and practice what you learn with yourself and real clients for several months before moving on to the next level. This properly integrates the material so you truly 'own it.' To bunch the various levels together within a few weeks would be too much too fast. In the long run, your results will suffer.

2. Avoid websites that confuse EFT with other methods. Phrases such as EFT/Meridian Therapy, EFT/MTT, EFT & Tapping or similar terms often lead you into watered down variations of EFT. This can be very confusing, especially for newcomers. Also, many of the 'tapping sites' and 'meridian sites' are really diluted EFT sites under another name. Some of them have some useful information but, in general, you are best served by thoroughly learning original EFT first.

3. The quality of training you receive depends upon your instructor ... and the more trainers an organization has the more difficult it will be to maintain that quality. So, always insist on top trainers or you may fall short.

4. Please do not offer my electronic EFT Manual as a download (free or otherwise) on your website, blog, etc. You are violating copyright laws when you do so. That Manual has been updated and is available on Amazon.com for a small price. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1604150661

5. My 7 minute EFT intro video is now outdated in that it references emofree.com and the free EFT Manual, both of which are no longer available. It also contains an embellishment by one practitioner that I now consider misleading. Accordingly, please do not display it on your website, blog, etc. It is copyrighted and thus displaying it violates copyright laws.

6. Tina's Tutorials and Study Guides as well as my DVD videos are also copyrighted. Copies of them are not be sold or displayed on the internet without specific permission. Previous permissions may be revoked if abuses occur.

7. Please do not use the former EFT logo, or any other logo, that says, 'EFT World Center'. That designation was not given to anyone upon my retirement. With Gratitude and Great Respect, Gary

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